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Our designers

The top-design team of the world

Giessdorf design center in Europe gathers top-designers from Italy,Germany,Swiss etc.In order to adapt the fast developing of Asian market,we specially set up the Asian design center to develop a series of new products which in needs of the Asian market.With their top talents and wide-open  vision,tailored present a series of master pieces for Giessdorf.They combine the fashion trend and the future bathroom developing in the international vision,to make the products present special connotation and charm and improve the tone and temperament of the brand of Giessdorf once again.And provide more choice for the customer loving Giessdorf products.


Designer team's introduction:


Jürg Heubergeru

Swiss architect and designer, Jürg Heubergeris the creator of 

many successful LAUFEN and GIESSDORF designs.Since2010he 

designed the new showroom for GIESSDORF.The Swiss architect 

and designer Jürg Heuberger is multitalented in design matters.

He was born in Basel in 1945 and worked for many years as an 

architect and designerin Paris and in Switzerland. He has createdmany 

successful designs . since 1995including the open and the case and 

case plus bathroom series, the Lb3 faucet series,the retro graphics 

of the mimo bathroom series and the relaunch of the talux 

washbasin classic Besides architectural and interior 

design projects, Heuberger, who is a trained painter and sculptor, 

still finds time for artistic work. Above all, his designs aremarked by 

his excellent sensitivity for material, form and product use.




Antonio Bullo


Bullo received four gold medals for design at the International 

Faenza Ceramics Competition and two Designer Plus awards 

from Frankfurt’s ISH. Bullo’s specific knowledge of ceramics has 

led him to work with some of the leading companies in the sector.

We Pursue an outstanding design in Giessdorf.

We have unique breakthrough design approach inosculated with 

international design trend. Our highest quality design virtually 

forms a new style rising above the common herd.The design 

elites from all around the world make all our bathroom products 

exquisite, which integrate the globally isochronous fashion elements. 

Taking the application and taste into consideration, we integrate 

the function with art and make the unique value for bathroom 

products from the practical angle of humanity. 

In view of this, every premium product of Giessdorf is made 

from the intelligence and spirit of Giessdorf, which endows 

the product a mission of “Enjoy An Ideal Life” and a concept 

of “Sharing The Delight Of Creating”.

Giessdorf has invited the design master Antonio Bullo from 

Italy to design many styles and series of international premium 

products, which provides more professional and diverse choices 

for interested customers.




Recker Klaus


Germany's famous industrial designer, market research analysts, the thing of many product design director and chief designer, 

with excellent design capabilities.Years of market research work, make the lake, Klaus, 

the wei yu that works with remarkable market forward-looking and insight.


Rockie Chen



Famous designer in Hong Kong, founded in 2008, Rocky Chan design office in Hong Kong, now has dozens of senior international top designers.In the field of architecture,

interior design has twenty years of professional experience, the international association for environmental art design, 

design interpretation of Confucian "" benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, letter", affect the return to original design industry.