Brand introduction

Giessdorf, an everyday deluxe and elaborative bathroom ware brand that represents everlasting quality and beauty, has become well-known with its elite technologies, exquisite techniques, unique styles, and fine quality. It’s a first choice for fashion designers and high-end consumers.

Giessdorf, is never satisfied with a single function of a product but focus on utility, uniqueness, and personality. Yet this has nothing to do with reckless squander.  Giving up extravagant lavishness or duplication of fashion, Giessdorf insists on the combination of distinctive styles and excellent quality.

Giessdorf, is everything about “Beauty”. Instead of following avant-garde blindly, Giessdorf focuses on seeking after beauty in the spark of wisdom and delicacy. Its European R&D center prides on its top designers from different places, thus ensuring that every product radiates particular charm and character like a piece of artistic work.

Owning 11 manufacturing bases around the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal and Taiwan, Giessdorf has become a professional enterprise in integrated bathroom ware. With its strong background, competitive craftsmanship and manufacturing, Giessdorf has constantly launched boutique products in the market, including 100% imported ones, providing consumers who emphasize life taste with bathroom experience of everlasting quality and beauty.

Giessdorf, looks forward to your life.