Brand Concept

Giessdorf conveys its core philosophy of “eternal beauty”, which not only demonstrates the brand’s individuality of internal and external cultivation, but also carries the corporate spirit.


“Eternal beauty” is a temperament that emanates from within, representing Giessdorf’s care for content and quality.

Giessdorf has always been seeking to improve the quality of its products and services based on techniques. We explore the real experience of bathroom life and focus on product utility. We take into account consumers’ needs and expectations during every step, including the choice of materials and manual production.

“Eternal beauty” is a character that endures the test of time, reflecting product reliability and corporate responsibility. Giessdorf adheres to sustainable development and focuses on environmental friendliness and utility, aiming at providing consumers with an elegant bathroom experience that fits into the concept of modern life with its durable products, building everlasting quality and beauty that resists wear over time.


“Eternal beauty” represents a perspective of appreciation, displaying the elegant and particular taste of the brand. With its leading technologies and strong aesthetic sense, Giessdorf is committed to offering products with unique styles, dignified and considerate service experience for consumers, and forging a life style with quality and durability.